University Hospital

University Hospital


Supporting regional healthcare through close cooperation with the University


The University Hospital was opened in December 1996, the first affiliated rehabilitation hospital of a public university in Japan.

The hospital also plays an important part in education, providing clinical training to students in an integrated university education system.

In this way, the University contributes to educating skilled leaders who will work in local communities practicing medical care teamwork techniques in the fields of welfare, health and medical care.

Clinical researches that contribute to the development of rehabilitation sciences are actively encourage in the hospital, which is linked to various medical institutions and welfare facilities through a network.


The five principles of the University Hospital are:

1)    To respect and protect the life and dignity of patients,

2)    To be trusted and valued by the community,

3)    To provide a center of rehabilitation in the prefecture,

4)    To practice team-approach medicine appropriate to a center of health sciences education,


5)    To develop rehabilitation sciences through ongoing research.